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At Bitterroot Software, we place a large emphasis on design. Although we do not do graphics or design work specifically, we do create custom graphics and designs during a development project. If you are interested in starting a development project with us, please see below and contact us with an outline your project.


Although we specialize in Adobe Air software development, we can develop native applications for Windows, Max OS X, iOS, and many more. We also develop full web sites and web applications. If you are interested in starting a project with us, please contact us with an outline your project.


Just want a little help and don't want us to do all of the work for you? Have a technical question? Feel free to contact us with your questions and we will help you the best we can.

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"Very patient. Very professional. Worked hard to see the project through to completion. Highly recommended."

-Jason Dunn, Systems Coordinator

"I have worked with programmer people for over forty years starting on an IBM 360 mainframe. The Bitterroot folks are at the top of the heap. Smart, intuitive, fast and multi-talented. Give them five stars!"

-Roger Gertz, CLU

"Bitterroot Software did an A++ job with minimum direction from me. His UI was easy to understand and incorporated features that I needed but did not specify. I'm a big fan and will use Bitteroot Software again."

-Ben Waldman